Creating the menu

At Pandemonium we believe a special event is like cooking. To really excel you need pre-planning, flair, bravery and creative skill, and only the best, freshest ingredients available.

We understand that a memorable event is a creative event and that attention to detail at the concept and planning stages is everything.

Special events provide a perfect opportunity to spread the word about a company’s objectives, enterprises and aspirations and to secure immediate attention from both public and targeted audiences. From the start our creators will work with you to review, analyse and evaluate your business goals. As a team we will create an event that achieves your aims and is one to remember.

From small intimate gatherings to “once in a lifetime” spectacular theatricals for audiences in the thousands, we go to the ends of the earth for authenticity and we believe that everything live is theatre – let your imagination run wild!

Selecting only the freshest ingredients:
Everyone wants organic

The result is in the planning. Once your team has approved the creative concept, Pandemonium’s event planners will start to organise and strategically manage every element of your special event. But first it is essential to choose the best ingredients – the right team.

At Pandemonium, we have unrivalled access to the most organic and creative people in the industry. Whether they be in-house or freelance, we can put together the team that will work for you. We are able to source the greatest caterers, florists, producers, directors, choreographers, musical directors, scriptwriters, scenic designers, lighting and sound designers, stage managers, production managers, singers, actors, artists, musicians and crew.

The team will provide all the support you should need managing the project – meeting objectives with strict adherence to budget.

A dash of flair

Your objectives become our objectives. Like yours, our approach is professional and results-driven. At Pandemonium, we pride ourselves on being an energetic team committed to achieving and delivering events often beyond your wildest dreams. Our commitment to you is to produce the best, and to be passionate about the worlds we create.

A feast for the senses

A memorable event is all about attention to detail and creativity. That essential secret ingredient to enhance the atmosphere and create the mood. This little something is what makes an event an event to remember stimulating the senses and releasing memories, memories, memories.